Dave Koetje, President and CEO of Christian Schools International writes:

There is plenty of leadership available in Christian schools, but most of it is misdirected or squandered. Principals and heads of schools are often limited by structures, resulting in too much time being spent managing schools and too little time providing leadership. Historically, representative governance structures spend time problem solving rather than shaping the Christian school of tomorrow. Take inventory of how your board uses its time. If your board’s agenda is full of issues of school culture and matters of operations, it’s time to adjust your thinking. School boards with a sustainable eye for the future are spending up to 80 percent of their time creating that future. Who will you serve in five years? How will you serve them? How will you be benchmarking mission penetration? Real leadership will prepare today’s Christian school for the students of the future.



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  1. Corey J Navis

    Unfortunately, many schools wait until their enrollment has plummeted or their coffers are emptying before grappling with their current reality. It starts at the top. Structuring yourself to be forward thinking rather than rearview mirror driving may be the most critical issue facing Christian schools today. I am thankful CSI has been advocating for a critical look at governance model for quite some time.

  2. Deborah Benson

    Well said by both gentlemen. What I am grappling with is how to get the urgency of this message to our boards. Operational and administrative leaders seem to agree. Thankful for the upcoming event at Calvin for leaders and board chair persons dealing with this issue. Thanks CSI for putting this together.

  3. Randy Hazenberg

    Managers do things right, Leaders do the right things!
    The “right things” are changing faster than what traditional “board” structures are capable of efficiently handling. We need smaller, nimbler leadership structures that effectively model good leadership by leading rather than managing.

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