Why a Christian School Membership Organization?

You have a Christian school in your community. It is governed by a board, led by a head of school, and supported by parents and community. Why be part of a membership organization like Christian Schools International?

There are many answers to the question. Some schools come to us because they are interested in a product like our Bible curriculum. Some desire accreditation and have discovered our tool to be among the very best to measure worldview penetration into every aspect of program and curriculum. Some seek quality employee benefits for their staff. There are many reasons that schools are part of Christian Schools International.

But there is no more important reason than this – we are better together. Christian Schools International has a century-long heritage of leadership in Christian education. We and our schools understand Christian education. We have understood the essential need for biblical worldview to penetrate program and curriculum. Our educational leaders speak the language of worldview articulately.  We engage each other in important conversation because worldview matters in our schools and in lives of obedient service!

From the beginning of time, God has desired for his people to be in community. God called a people (Israel means strugglers) to be his community, to struggle with life in a broken world, to be obedient difference-makers for him, and to advance his kingdom together. Before Jesus departed the earth he prayed to his Father that his people would be one in a similar relationship to the Father-Son-Spirit. God desires that we be in unity. God desires that we be community within and across state and provincial lines and globally; for every part of the body of Christ is stonger when we serve as one. We are simply better together.

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