New Logo; More Than A New Look!

Christian Schools International Logo

Have you noticed? Christian Schools International has announced a new logo. Christian Schools International has a new website. Christian Schools International is more than what it always has been. It is a dynamic, forward moving organization in service to God above all and to Christian schools. Christian Schools International is seeking to exemplify servant leadership by both proactively guiding schools into the strategic positioning that is necessary in 21st century education and responding to schools with the support needed for sustainability.

A new website! Why? The new website is designed for the web user. The old website had become clumsy and difficult to navigate. To serve member schools well, the website will respect your time by providing easier and clearer navigation. For the new school the website will provider simpler steps of navigation to learn about membership and to discover the opportunities afforded to members.

A new logo! How does it reflect mission? The new logo better reflects the purpose of Christian Schools International and the dynamic nature of this organization. The mission of Christian Schools International is to serve God and to advance his kingdom. The logo is shaped to represent a shield; the shield of faith.  Ephesians 6 calls kingdom advancers to put on God’s full armor as we stand for the king of the universe against the powers of this world. In the battle of worldviews God prevails, and we stand for a worldview that acknowledges the Lordship of Christ over every single corner of His Creation. The triangles within the shield are a constant reminder to us that together in Trinity the Father created all things, the Son redeemed us, and the Spirit is at work within and through us.

A new logo! How does it reflect educational purpose? Christian Schools International will always stand for a biblical worldview unique in its perspective that faith and biblical truth is imbedded in and penetrates throughout every aspect of the curriculum and programs in the Christian school. Additionally, Christian Schools International believes that education in the Christian school must be excellent in its relevance and in its rigor because we are entrusted with nurturing every child, uniquely created in the image of God, to develop their God-given skills and abilities to the fullest extent. Educational outcomes must equip the Christian school students to influence and impact the world for Christ and to bring shalom to communities locally and globally. The colors of the logo represent the diversity of programs and communities in the family of Christian Schools International. The colors represent fresh thinking, new ideas, and expanded opportunities. The open triangle is by design. A dynamic organization remains forward-thinking. God’s world is not stagnant; he leads us to discover new opportunities to serve and to improve. The open triangle is a constant reminder that we are a work in progress and that we must never be satisfied with the status quo.

Christian Schools International is humbled by the trust and the confidence placed in us by our members. We are committed to serving well now and to leading better in the future. The new logo and website are much more than a look. They are a reflection of an organization that is committed to God and committed to leading Christian schools. We seek to do so humbly and with the heart of servant-leaders.


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