Effective Leaders Engage and Adapt

In a Harvard Business Review Article, May 2017 authors Botelho, Powell, Kincaid, and Wang name four characteristics of highly effective leaders including: effective leaders engage for impact and effective leaders adapt proactively.

In is the role of the leader to set the course. Once the course is set, the effective leader must have the buy-in and support of colleagues to implement the decisions and stakeholders to accept and to be on board. Communication is the key to manage resistance, to insure clarity, and to instill confidence.

It would be usual if the implementation of a decision requiring significant change goes smoothly. Expect bumps and setbacks. Effective leaders are prepared to act and adapt.

Faith-based leaders understand that life’s road is rocky and a desert-like journey. They know that the Good Shepherd has called them both to lead his flock and to also be a sheep in the flock of the Good Shepherd.

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