The History of Redemption, or, The Bible in Six Stanzas

My 40 years of professional life have been spent in Christian education. The schools that I serve understand reformed, biblical worldview. I never tire of the many moments and occasions when students in our Christian schools demonstrate their worldview understanding. Each time I am amazed at the One who created each of us and calls us by name. The following is the work of Josh Hong and Thomas VanLingen at Toronto District Christian High School:

God’s great creation
Up to his standards of perfection
For man, he made an excellent foundation
Everything was in a perfect location
Adam and Eve named animals, even the Dalmatian.
There was not a complication

Adam and Eve met Satan who used temptation
which led to a new generation
The tower of Babel led to no conversation
God still promised to save the world from damnation
God renewed the world with a flood covering his creation

God promised his own nation
Abraham’s family would undergo multiplication
Israel was supposed to be his destination
But Israel created its own limitation
They should have shone, but they lacked motivation
Then the Babylonians began their occupation.

Jesus was born to begin a revelation
His coming was good news to civilization
The Trinity was introduced – the perfect combination
The way Jesus came was not the expectation
Even though he died, the end was not his crucifixion
This was the start of the Christian population

Jesus is coming; we engage in preparation
We must make it our duty to avoid manipulation
His gospel is the solution
The Bible should be our fascination
Our souls are in starvation
Let us go and proclaim our solution

This is the final revelation
Unknown is the future of his creation
It will be cause for exhilaration
It will be beyond all expectation
It could be like an amazing vocation
Thank God for our salvation.

Reprinted in this blog by Jeff Blamer with the permission of the authors and Toronto District Christian High School

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