Happy Second Birthday

This blog is two years old today. It has emerged from infancy and entered the rambunctious toddler stage.

During the two years, about 190 posts have been published. Half of those are devotionals that are intended to encourage and challenges disciples of Jesus who are answering the call to lead in schools, homes, churches, and communities. The other half are leadership and worldview posts to challenge us to consider the nature of leadership, which must be rooted in our biblical worldview.

There were few expectations when we began this blog. It was designed to be a blog from the leadership team at Christian Schools International and our primary target audience was leadership in Christian education. We expected the blog to touch many, but certainly not all, of our school leaders. We didn’t expect it to touch too many leaders outside of our school membership.

Our hopes and goals have been far surpassed. Christian Schools International is a Christian school service organization that has served God and our schools for a century. We stand on the foundation of scripture. We hold firmly to a reformed biblical worldview for education. We seek to advance God’s kingdom through Christian education. We serve only about 500 schools that are primarily in Canada and the United States. Our global footprint is modest but increasing.

For those reasons, we have been amazed that the number of first-time visitors has surpassed the 12,000 mark, and visitors come from more than 100 countries around the globe.

We have sought to be faithful with the blog. Devotionals are intended to minister, encourage, challenge, and equip leaders. We continue to pray that God will use them to that end. Leadership and worldview posts are meant to focus leaders away from themselves and toward a vision for servant-leadership as modeled by our Lord Jesus. We pray that the Spirit is guiding leaders to be like Jesus.

Happy second birthday to Called to Lead. May it be said that it is written to glorify our God!

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