Worldview Matters in Science!

Everyone has a worldview. The question is not, “Do you have a worldview?” The question is, “What is the source and foundation of your worldview?”

Those who hold to a reformed biblical worldview believe that Scripture is our foundation. We believe that Jesus is Lord of all and that even the smallest corner of creation belongs to God and was made to glorify him. Secularists have a god and a worldview, too. Secularists simply are unwilling to admit that they have, figuratively speaking, placed themselves on God’s throne.

No curriculum area stirs debate between secularists and people of faith more than science. It is a flashpoint. But it does not have to be. For those who are confident of their biblical worldview, creation belongs to God. Science must be viewed through the lens of Scripture.

Our product development department is working on a new resource that connects our expertise in biblical worldview articulation to the Next Generation Science Standards recently released in the United States. The new product will include sample lessons that will provide instruction, activities, and applications that tie directly to Christian teachings, modeling ways to teach current science standards in ways that respect both Christian faith and academic scholarship. The resource will enable Christian school science teachers in grades kindergarten through 8 to instruct from a strong biblical worldview, regardless of the curriculum they use. Click below to read more about this resource, scheduled to be available in the spring of 2015.

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